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Why Exercise with us?

Hi I m Lorraine
I have been teaching Yoga for around 12years now and I m still learning new aspects.
Just like the earth keeps spinning Yoga Practice keeps evolving in tune with the elements, the sun, the moon and the universe
As time does not stand still, nor should your body or your practice
Come and discover the amazing benefits that Yoga can bring to yourself your body and your everyday life.
... We spend our lives punishing our bodies Trying to be fit and slim.
We run, cycle, push ourselves in the gym. We work, we sit at computers we don't bend correctly. We do aerobic classes to loud music so we don't notice what is actually happening to our bodies.
We stress our muscles and our joints. We dash off before the class has ended thus not stretching properly. When we contract our muscles, we need to expand them again
We need balance.
Yoga gives us that balance. We exert, we release.
This is balance.
We take time to listen to our bodies.
We let go of our thinking minds
Don t just take my word for and see for yourself the amazing benefits that Yoga can bring to your mind, your body, your life

I even provide mats. So what are you waiting for?

I am also a level 2 Reiki practitioner which is sometimes given as a complimentary therapy while in relaxation
I m looking forward to meeting you soon

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Insured By: Reps
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